Samantha Davis, LMT



Thank you for visiting my website to learn more about how therapeutic massage and precision neuromuscular therapy can positively impact your health. Our bodies are constantly striving for a balanced state of health. Unfortunately, we don't always feel balanced. Stresses from our daily lives, illness, sudden injuries such as car accidents or sports injuries, slow developing injuries such as overuse syndrome or repetitive strain injury, and environmental factors all have an effect on our state of well-being. Therapeutic massage aids in the body's process of self repair by increasing relaxation, decreasing anxiety, increasing circulation, reducing the negative effects of stress on the body, and even helping you sleep better.

I utilize mainly precision neuromuscular therapy techniques, along with some swedish, myofascial, and positional release techniques. My goal is to provide a healing experience for my clients. Whether you seek generalized well-being, relief from pain and stress, increased strength, increased range of motion, or need help working through an injury, I'm here to help you achieve your goals.